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Something to Read

» Downing Street rewrote ‘independent’ report on race, experts claim
www.theguardian.com · Commissioners allege No 10 distorted their work on inequality, after conclusions played down institutional racism
» NFT, SPAC, and the Future of Money
nymag.com · Welcome to the non-fungible, memeified, cryptodenominated, degenerate future of finance. Something is changing in how we think about money. Maybe the question we should be asking isn’t “What is an NFT?” but “What is money now?”
» Is COBOL holding you hostage with Math?
medium.com · When we talk about COBOL the first question on everyone’s mind is always Why are we still using it in so many critical places? Banks are still running COBOL, close to 7% of the GDP is dependent on…
» 🌐 A time zone helper
github.com · 🌐 A time zone helper. Contribute to oz/tz development by creating an account on GitHub.