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Migrating a MongoBD replica set to a new hosting provider with no downtime

07/14/2019 · MongoDB

How to use MongoDB replia sets to move your database between hosting providers with no downtime.

Salon spotlights Serial Reader

06/04/2019 · indie development

Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams spotlights Serial Reader and interviews me about the process of creating it.

Discover your favorite artists' new albums using Spotify's API

04/07/2019 · spotify

Fill in the gaps in Spotify's own functionality using their API to generate a list of your followed artists' new releases.

Analytics of Delight

06/08/2018 · indie development

Finding inspiration and delight to sustain independent projects in glimpsing how individuals are using your creation.

Fuzzy Text Search with MongoDB and Python

02/07/2018 · MongoDB

One approach to adding fuzzy search to a project using MongoDB and Python, leveraging phonetic algorithms and Levenshtein distance calculations to cast a wide net and return the best search results.

Reaching nearly 200 reviews in 8 days with SKStoreReviewController

06/06/2017 · iOS

In a recent update of Serial Reader for iOS I tried implementing Apple's new official review prompt library, SKStoreReviewController. The results were dramatic.

Dynamically update Django form choice labels

06/05/2017 · Django

One option for overriding choice field labels in Django forms.